Advent Guide 2015

Reality Stockton Advent Guide Promo Advent Guide Layout and Design Advent Stockton Empire Theatre Reality Christmas EP Design Bandcamp Design Page Number Graphic Design Advent Craft Illustration

The 2015 Reality Advent Guide is a continuation of design elements and structures from Reality’s 2014 guide. Advent being an annually marked tradition in the Christian church for millennia, Reality Stockton has taken up the tradition as a non-denominational evangelical church. Part of this observance is the creation of the Advent Guide. The 2015 edition was strictly distributed digitally. It included a custom designed cover which took its design cues from Reality’s chosen theme of ‘Announcing the King’.

The cover design was distributed across platforms and marketing materials including: web sliders, sermon background projections, Christmas EP artwork and a bandcamp page. The interior design is meant not to be flashy but usable. The expectation is that church members would use this guide on a daily basis. This function informed the simple, easy to read, uncluttered design.¬†Child-like illustrations were also created to help show how the Children’s ministry family Advent craft progressed through the 4-weeks of Advent.

To download the Advent Guide: Click Here

To stream/download the Reality Stockton Christmas EP: Click Here

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