1750 Design Company specializes in branding, graphic design print media and illustration. 1750 is located in Stockton, California and has a great love for the city and its people. Don’t hate on Stockton; She is a great city if you stop to get to know her. If you’re looking for something to be designed or illustrated drop us a line via our Contact Page.


Why 1750?

The name 1750 comes from the movie It’s A Wonderful Life, from a scene in which there is a run on the local bank.  The community of Bedford Falls is falling apart as the citizens attempt to withdrawal funds to sustain life before there is no money left. Out of the goodness in his heart, George Bailey offers the stakeholders (the citizens) in the Bailey Building and Loan his own honeymoon money to tide them over until the now Potter owned bank opens up after the weekend. One citizen demands $242, another $20, another $20, but Miss Davis sheepishly asks for $17.50. The amount is insignificant when compared to the heart that backs the request.  As a part of the community of Bedford Falls, Miss Davis asks for just enough to cover her expenses until the bank opens. She sacrifices for the good of the community.


Who is 1750?

David Lipari 1750 Design Stockton CA

1750 Design Company is a brand associated with David Lipari. David grew up in the Central Valley. He fell in love with design while working in the sales department of Parker Hannifin, Racor Division (Modesto, CA). Having graduated with an English Degree from Cal State Stanislaus (Turlock, CA), David pursued a career in Marketing and Design initially with Guntert and Zimmerman Const. Div., Inc. (Ripon, CA). Design has become not just a means to an end but a passion and creative, personal outlet.

Currently a member at Reality Church of Stockton (Stockton, CA) & working for Guntert & Zimmerman, David continues to design, illustrate and learn for corporate clients, individuals and his own projects including: Heritage Stockton.